Ceramic artist, Lisa Maher, creates one-of-a-kind, wheel thrown and sculptured objects. Lisa makes use of hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques to explore the spectrum and limits of clay creating both functional and sculptural art. Much of Lisa's work is fired at a mid-range temperature in an electric kiln. A variety of commercial and non-commercial glazes are utilized. Lisa's creative process is often influenced by combining whimsical images on utilitarian pieces. Her sculptural art starts with an inspirational moment leading to the exploration of organic forms and everyday objects.

For the past twenty-five years, Lisa has shown her work in several group shows throughout the country. Her work has been published in Lark Books (Low Fire Surface Decoration, Ceramic Design Book, Alternative Kilns, Firing Techniques and 500 Prints on Clay). Lisa was featured in The Best of New Ceramic Art. She is a member of the Allied Craftsmen of San Diego, San Diego Potters’ Guild and Clay Artists of San Diego. Her studio is located in La Jolla, California.